Many feel there is a lack of discussion among the younger population regarding important topics such as sexual health. One main issue causing this, is the awkwardness students can find themselves in the classroom, not feeling comfortable to discuss these topics. Young people are turning to online websites such as pornography and social media to fill in the gaps within their education which can be depremental.


My solution is a card exercise with thought-provoking questions that spark debate, meaningful conversations and deepens relationships, thus creating a safe and open environment to discuss important topics such as sexual health, wellness and more. The cards teach young people to think deep, consider their morals/ethics, and encourages them to have open conversations about important topics. The exercise pack also includes reflective adhesive notes, so groups can share and reflect on their thoughts after each session. A digtal version of the cards can be found online, after purchasing a pack, so that students can discuss the cards with family and friends outside of the classroom to continue the conversation. The launch campaign will include influncers and celebrities partaking in discussing some of the cards across popular social media sites such as Instagram & TikTok, sparking a worldwide discussion.